The Covert Front Episode 2: Station on the Horizon is the second episode of the Covert Front Series (play the game here).

In the last episode Kara started working on the mission Princess of Burgundy. She needs to find out what the plans of Professor Von Toten are, while investigating his house. She got trapped in the lab of Von Toten.

Intro Edit

You see 4 pictures of the last adventure. You hear a loud bang and you see kara walking of the underground stairs.

Sewers Edit

After lighting matches and Kara burning her fingers several times, she maniged to puts the power on. The lights follow. She turns on a handle. You hear a loud switching sound. You can now acces the headquarters.

Headquarters Edit

You find out von Toten has been spied on. You find more notes. One introducing Katia. A friend of Toten in Zurich. You contact the IAGH. They hacked probably in the system so you have a code to open a safe door. You can find 3 movie reels. One shows you the way out. It is changing a few plate like things in thair position to open the elevator.

Outro Edit

Kara runs to a town. Propably Munich to contact the Blue Jacket Agent. She gives him the evidence and he gives back a note. It saids: Zurich contact agent proceed. The screen fades to black.