Covert Front 4: Spark of Life
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Full name

Covert Front 4: Spark of Life

Release date

April 28, 2012


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Art and Programming:

Mateusz Skutnik


Karol Konwerski


Brian Wohlgemuth

Voice of Kara:

Ute Simon

The Covert Front Episode 4: the Spark of Life is the fourth game of the Covert Front Series. The game is set in Lisbon, Portugal.


It is known that von Toten is currently in Lisbon, and that Kara is just flying there to find him. Manfred continues his plan to go to Lisbon and find Karl von Toten and go the Karl von Toten's house.

Kara gets to Lisbon via an airplane prepared by an unknown field agent working under cover.


Mateusz Skutnik and Karol Konwerski have discussed and they came to the conclusion they really should do a new Covert Front, in mid February 2011.[1] Teaser images and sketches have been published in Facebook on 9th of March 2011.[2]

In summer 2011, Mateusz stated that he was starting to work on this episode.

On 3rd of August 2011, he stated that the Covert Front episode 4 should come out in three to six months.[3] This leaves the release date somewhere between November 2011 and February 2012.

On 8th of August 2011, Mateusz posted a new teaser, with a photo of Kara. In PastelStories, there were also two post in the comment section, where Karl von Toten pleads for help, but Manfred remarks that he will capture Kara and lock her up for good. However, it is unknown if this was set up by the authors or not.[4]

Recently Mateusz confirmed, that Spark of Life shall be the last episode of the series.[5]

Finally, Spark of Life, now renamed to "The Spark of Life", was released on 28th of April 2012.

Intro Edit

You start off in the plane that Kara stole. It started to show red lights. After you fix it. you land on an airfield nearby, who aperently, is German.

Chapter One: The Airfield Edit

Kara finds a note with a code for the week. She got tools from her plane so she could blow up a machine, the German walk towards the fire so Kara can enter the tower. She nocks down a guard so she can get the keys for the car and escape.

Chapter Two: Lisbon Edit

She finds the adress where the German soldiers: Campo de Santa Clara 32, Lisbon, have ties with. She presses the button and she has a blackout. Manfred arrived at the airfield. He wants to lock down the entire city. When Kara wakes up she is in a room with one machine, the Imagination Realizator. Things that you can realise are these:

  • Armchair
  • Barometer
  • Carpet
  • Chair
  • Door
  • Helium
  • Key
  • Lamp
  • Painting (Of Von Toten)
  • Picture
  • Statue
  • Toten (Professor von Toten himself. Well more a hologram)
  • Window

Kara and the hologram have a conversation:

Hello, Kara. - Toten
Are you?... - Kara
Yes I am Karl von Toten. You finnaly found me agent. - Toten
How do you know me? - Kara
I know everything you know, and nothing else. - Toten
I do not understand. - Kara
Do you know what this machine is, and what is so special about it? - Toten
It brings our thoughts to reality It creates out of nothing. - Kara
True. But can you create a functional human being? - Toten
Of course not... That means you are not... - Kara
Real? Of course not. Go on and find me kara. - Toten

Kara finds her way out of the building. She finds out that one building in Lisbon is a hologram. She goes there but she finds out the city has been evacuated.

Chapter Three: Karl Von Toten Edit

Kara is surounded. She finds her way intro a lab where von Toten is based. They have the following convercation:

Professor von Toten... - Kara
Who... How did you get it?? - Toten
Stay calm professor, keep your hands where I can see them - Kara
What is this about? - Toten
I just hope you are real this time. - Kara
This time? What are you talking about? Who are you? - Toten
MI6, at your service. I have been looking you for so long... - Kara
And now you found me.. It is all over. - Toten
I stumbled upon your machine, professor. - Kara
Did you use it? - Toten
Yes, I know what I can do. - Kara
So now you understand. You know why I had to disapear. - Toten
Yes, I understand everything now. - Kara
This machine cannot fall into military hands. On either side. - Toten
Well, worry about that later. Right now we have a bigger problem. - Kara
What - Toten
Your German friends are closing in. They are combing the city as we speak. - Kara
No we can not let them!... - Toten
You cannot let them what, professor?... - Manfred
Manfred? You, of all people? - Kara
This building is surounded. You have nowere to go. Just surrender, both of you. - Manfred
Kara kills Manfred Nicolai.
Professor, we need to move. Right now. - Kara
Yes... this way. - Toten
Kara and von Toten move to a door leading to nothingness. The End.



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