April Fools! Edit

Quote from the Blog: As probably most of you know from yesterday. Everything that happened here was April Fools' Day. It was quite good troll, I remember that I had been invented after Christmas.

You may be asking? Where I took the picture Covert Front 5? The answer is: Inirdin. Almost as if it is the picture drawn by himself, Mateusz. So, now we come to the one who was Mateusz? The answer is: KateSub. And what email from It was a welcome email with a remastered javascript command * trollface *.

I hope this joke offended anyone, or someone stops for him to go to the blog. Google made a joke using an application seeking smell, YouTube announced a senseless contest turned login window presented Mojang Minecraft 2.0, Blizzard dominated ponies and many more.

Otherwise I am ready joke for next year. But it will not do anything with leaked screenshots, new game or a blog. That there were so many times ... that it would be pointless.

So a year ADIOS. :Quote End.

Mateusz Skutnik 2016 Recap Edit

Mateusz Skutnik stated: ''Uhm… No comment! I plead the fifth! This is the only LOL NOPE this year. Which is a good win/loose percentage in my opinion. But as you can see above this project was a bit shaky from the beginning. It was a Patreon goal, but since then total pledges sum fell under that goal once again and that’s when this game kind of went to the not-happening state. The future of this game remains shaky. Will it make my 2017 to-do list? No.''

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