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This wiki is about the Flash game series Covert Front. Covert Front is a point and click spy game made by Mateusz Skutnik and Karol Konwerski, where you play as an agent code-named Kara and investigate the disappearance of General Karl von Toten. The plot takes place in 1904 but in a different reality-line, where the First World War has already begun due to earlier technical revolution that took place in the mid 19th century. The series is divided into four equal parts, all being chapters of the same story.

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“It's the key to rule the world and I will get it no matter what.”
“You as Germany or you as Manfred Nikolai?”
— Kara and Manfred Nikolai, Covert Front Episode 3

Kara or Field Agent M-24-7-69 is the principal character in Covert Front Series. She is an spy (probabily from Triple Entente) that discovered some Karl von Toten's plans.

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