1 frank coins

Frank is the currency used in Switzerland. In Covert Front it is abbrieved F, although the official abbreviation is CHF or Fr.

When she arrived to Zurich, Kara got a wallet with fifty Franks (49,51 USD November 2016) (Worth calculated to now 1220,85 USD) in it from an Unnamed Field Agent. She used these to find the neccesary items during her visit in Zurich. The rest of these were taken from her by Manfred Nikolai when she was captured.

Price listEdit

  • Railway Station Tickets
    • To Munich - 11F
    • To Vienna - 23F
    • To Cracov - 27F
  • Postcard from Zurich - 1F
  • Swiss army knife - 5F
  • Room in Hotel Altstadt - 10F

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