The Imagination Realizator Itself

The Imagination Realizator is the machine created by Professor Karl Von Toten to create new weapons using the imagination. Manfred Nikolai says to Kara that Germany can dominate the world with this machine. It was used to create The Flying Wing, and it has a relation with the gas Helium.

In The Spark of Life, Kara appears in a room that seemingly has no doors, with the Imagination Realizator being the only machinery in the room. Kara uses the Imagination Realizator to create a door, in addition to many objects Kara can create such as a key to unlock the door and a hologram of Karl Von Toten, which she creates upon finding the missing "T" key that was not present on the Imagination Realizator's Keyboard.
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Airplane created with the imagination realizator.

It is also revealed in The Spark of Life that the unknown object from the first game is indeed Helium if Kara types it into the Imaginzaiton Realizator. Other objects that can be realized are:

  • armchair
  • barometer
  • carpet
  • chair
  • door
  • helium
  • key
  • lamp
  • painting
  • picture
  • statue
  • toten (Professor Karl von Toten himself)
  • window


The hologram of Von Toten sits on a red armchair which is similar to the ones seen in Submachine 2, another game by Mateusz Skutnik.

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