Karol is suprised

Karol is suprised.

Since his childhood Karol had been playing games and reading comics, which led him to becoming a scriptwriter for comics and games. He wrote the script and story for the Covert Front Series. He plays a key role in the development. Mateusz Skutnik said that he will not talk about a new episode if he learned to use game maker. He learned it by now.

Pastel Games Edit

He along with Mateusz Skutnik founded the company called PastelGames in 2003. The company does not exist anymore. The website is offline. The chance that they will make new games is minimal. But a new Covert Front Episode is possible since it stood on Mateusz Skutnik his Patrion. He himself said that the old goals still exist. But they are put on a hold for now.

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