Knowledge for Victory was a reunion of many scientists to talk about science. It took place in Berlin in July of 1903.

The reunion gathered over two hundred specialists from various fields. Apparently, the conference's goal was to create better weapons for the Germans, but according to von Toten they didn't achieve much. Everything they were able to create crumbled to dust because the technology was still imperfect.

After the conference disbanded and everyone left

t for their homes, 96 participants went missing. They were specialist from chemistry, physics, engineering, mechanics, linguistics and even a philosopher. Von Toten did not go missing. Since he was one of the most important people out there, that was quite odd. Probably this lead to the IAGH suspecting him.

After this, Germany brought new, and more powerful weapons to the Western Front. Intelligence Agency General Headquarters suspect that these facts are linked, and the Germans are responsible.

Symbol Edit

Weird Star Like Symbol

The Symbol of the conference was a star. It was also on the floor of the Zurich Library. Von Toten has a suitcase with the symbol.