This page is used to explain overlaps in the games. Overlaps like, reappearing items, locations, objects, documents and other similarities. People having this experience can be explained as a Déjà vu.

In Game Edit

The Door of the Mansion and Campo de Santa Clara Edit

Machine Room Comparison
Covert Front Door Compare

The iconic door of the Mansion of Covert Front 1 reappears similar to the one is Campo De Santa Clara in Lisbon. It is possible the Imagination Realisator has something to do with this. Since the machine is known to make matter out of thin air.

The Machinery Room Edit

In the Mansion, there is an unknown machine. As in it is unknown how it looks like and what it does. Proof of the existence of the machine can be found in a red room in the Mansion. It is odd that the windows in the place has been boarded up. In Covert Front 4 Kara visites Campo de Santa Clara 32, in Lisbon. Which has an identical room. With the same windows boarded up. With the same floor cutout. And with the same pipe with cables. Kara uses the room to get a clock key from the pipe. Otherwise it has no use in the game. The answer on what the room is and was used for, has yet to be answered.

The Horten Plane Edit

Horten H.IX Matt Compare

The Horten Plane is a new kind of airplane denominated Flying Wing. It appears in all Covert Front Series games. In the game it is called "Airplane of Unknown Construction" by the Intelligence Agency General Headquarters. It was designed by Karl von Toten. It was propably disigned by the Imagination Realizator. You can see it being developed in the Movie Reel 3. It  looks like a airplane in real life. It is called Horten HO-229 and was made by Nazi German at the Second World War to bomb the United States in the project "Amerika Bomber".

The Void Edit


The void is a location that seems to apear and reapear in the Covert Front Series. It seems to be created by the Imagination Realizator. It seems to place rooms in the middle of nowhere connected by a row of cables. The door of the room is always included, at least you can generate it in Covert Front 4. Also, a small edge seems to be created with every room, so you can walk a bit over without falling into nothingness. An old theory was that in Submachine Universe there was a room flowing in nothingness, but since Mateusz Skutnik said in the Q&A of 2017 that they are not connected, it cannot be the case. The room also apeared in PNCE, but this time Kara seems to be recruiting somebody. PNCE is an confirmed cannon to the Covert Front Series. In PNCE it was a room floating in space with stolen assets of the Kaiser. In Covert Front 4 it seems to be Karl von Toten's Study room with an imagination realizator. Since the story is over it is likely we will never get the ansers.

Our Universe (Picture redrawing) Edit

Mateusz Skutnik redrew a lot of pictures from actual WW1 in the series. This part of the page is talking about it.

Hans and Toten Compare

Comparing a 1915 picture of Hans to Von Toten.

Karl Von Toten and Hans Hartwig Edit

Karl Von Toten's character design is totaly based on an existing General from WW1, Hans Hartwig von Beseler. The main picture in the hallway of the mansion is almost an copy of this picture. But it can be seen that the background in the original is different. The one of von Toten has wallpaper in the background while the one of Hans actually has a room behind it. The picture has gotten a real status in the series. It became a real symbol. The picture was also used in the second episode, where von Toten poses for engines of the flying wing.

Manfred and Wilhelm

Manfred and Wilhelm II Edit

Like Karl von Toten, Manfred is based on a real person from the great war, Wilhelm II. The picture from 1917 is taken in a garden of Wilhelm, he is in a military outfit, although it doesn't specify any rank, like his uniforms from Sweden did. Manfred always has a furr-collar. Although the medals from Wilhelm aren't his to. Wilhelm had a smaller arm on one side, Manfred does not have this issue.

World War One Tank Compare Edit

Tank Compare

A picture of a tank from World War one, which has been redrawn by Skutnik for many of the war intro frames used in the first episode of the Covert Front series.

Wilhelm II in PNCE Edit

Wilhelm II Compared

Wilhelm also shows up in PNCE, in a painting on the wall. It is an head and shoulders portrait of the Kaiser Wilhelm II by Court Photographer T H Voigt of Frankfurt, taken in 1902.