The lounge in the Zurich Railwaystation

The Railway Station German: Zürich Hauptbahnhof is the principal place in the first part of Covert Front Episode 3: Night in Zürich.


Kara got a note after finishing Princess of Burgundy telling her to travel to Zurich back in the outro of Covert Front 2. Kara took the train propably from Munich and got to the railway station at nightfall. When she got of her train, she took a newspaper from her Zurich contact, which contained 50 Franks and a document. After buying a ticket from the ticket booth, she got to the lounge and took her new data from the locker 102: a few photos and

a few notes and camera. She was going to use the door, but realized she was being followed, so she escaped from the bathroom window, and headed to Hotel Altstadt via the bathroom using a swiss army knife bought from the souvenir shop.


Zürich Hauptbahnhof

The Railwaystation in our universe back in 1907.

The railway station has three platforms.[1] You can wait for the train in the lounge, but if you wish to do so you must first buy a ticket from the ticket booth.

The work times of the workers allow a coffee break[2], apparently in their own quarters,[3] not in the café found in the station.

The café offers coffee or tea nad apparently some alchohol drinks as well. The café also houses the bathroom of the station.

There are safes in a separate section of the lounge, where you can store your possessions while drinking coffee for example. There are 108 safes altogether. Each safe is protected with a four-digit code, that only contains one number once. The safe number 32 is mislabeled as 2.


  • Zurich-Munich 11F
  • Zurich-Vienna 23F
  • Zurich-Cracov 27F
  • Swiss Army Knife 5F
  • Postcard from Zurich 1F


Location Time Platform
Warsaw 22:492
Köln 23:051
Budabest 23:283
Vienna 23:402
Berlin 23:481
Munich 23:592
Kraków 00:053
Innsbruck 00:231
Wrocław 00:403


  • Bartender
  • Souvenir seller
  • Ticket seller
  • Lounge guard
  • Two staff members of unknown function.


  1. The timetable in the station.
  2. There was a note left on the souvernir booth that read 'coffee break'.
  3. The saleswoman didn't appear in the café

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