Room 14, of Hotel Altstadt


The door to the room 14

The Room 14 is one of the rooms in Hotel Altstadt.


Agent Kara booked this room, while she she visited Hotel Altstadt in Covert Front Episode 3, as there was no room 13 that she had to book. In here she started flipping through the pages of the bible that the hotel room had had. Between the pages she found a note with five numbers.

She decided to dial them to the telephone that she also had on her room and discovered the room 13 which acted as a secret base for IAGH.


The room costs ten Franks and has two windows and washing possibilities.

There is a green carpet of the floor and a cactus in the window sill. There is more than enough space for luggage and clothes in a cupboard. The same cupboard also works as a secret door to room 13. The cupboard hold two towels and three coat-hangers.

Furthermore, there is a table and three chairs, and the room is equipped with a telephone and a bible. You can also find a painting of Albert Einstein here.

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