More questions and answers for those are welcome.

  1. What happened to the (missing) members of the Knowledge for Victory?
  2. How can Isaac Newton stay alive in 1903?
  3. What does the Knowledge for Victory's symbol mean and why was it in the Library in Zurich?
  4. Who were observating Kara in Karl von Toten's house?
  5. Who is Katia?
  6. Who designed the Flying Wing?
  7. Who is agent K-23-15-8 and what hapenned to him/her?
  8. How can the Zurich Hauptbibliotek be so technologic and the war machines be so antiquated (except the flying wing)?
  9. Why does the helium gas appear as an instable element in the game?
  10. Who/what was in the bag that was carried out of Karl von Toten's house?
  11. Who killed the French Prime Minister and why?
  12. Were are Kara and Karl von Toten?

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