A room in the game with a painting of Wilhelm II on the wall.

The Peter Navarre Crecy Evaluation is a game where the main character which is propably Peter, get's trained by Kara to join a new orginazation.

Peter Navarre Note Edit

Peter Navarre Crecy created the evaluation in the late second era, just a few years after the ancient acident. Sir Crecy, being one of the brightest minds of the post-war dark era suggested this evaluation as means for regonizing potential canidates for this agency. As the lines between humans and machine became blurred after the singularity, this method proved to be indespensable for the requitment process. The tradgedy of the situation that while being one of the most valuable objects in the Kaiser's Possetion, it got stolen in one of the most peculiar circumstances. To the untrained eye it would seem that the Evaluation symply vanised from this layer, ceasing to exist in a split of a second. However the smell of electricty left in the air after that occurence told another story. The evaluation remainds an unknown location, most likely never to be found again. If somebody is useing it for his own nefairious purposes, well, we shall see in time.