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There are all walkthroughs of Covert Front Series

Covert Front Episode 1Edit

You begin in front of the main entrance. Go right. Pick up GARDEN HOSE by vines. In the wooden box, pick up GARDEN SCISSORS. On the wall with the vines, click to find an electric panel. Use scissors on the wires. Open the door and head in. Check the picture of the woman on the wall to the right. Notice the time on the clock. 2:35. Go into the second door on the left. A dining room. Check the clock. Change the hands to the appropriate time. Grab CLOCK KEY. Go through the doorway on the left. Kitchen. Grab the MATCHES between the grates in front of the fireplace. Open the middle drawer and take a look inside. One utensil is different from the others. It is an ICE PICK. Grab it. The opening to the left leads down to the basement. Turn on the light switch. Connect the hose to the contraption by the entrance. Head back upstairs. In the hallway, under the stairway on the right (very hard to see) is a small storage doorway. Click on it to zoom in, use the icepick on it to unlock it. Pick up CROWBAR inside. Leave. Go outside to the manhole (the side with the wires). Use crowbar to open it, leading to a valve. Twist it and get back to the basement. When the water drains, grab the SILVER KEY. Go back, and upstairs. The first bedroom on your right has clues to check out; most importantly the end table. Pick up the BOOK and leave. You can enter the second bedroom for a clue if you want. Open the right-side bedroom with your key. Place the book in the spot on the lowest shelf. Now, you may notice you can take books out to see their covers. No, it’s not a game of memory. You must pull out the two books with the symbol that is the same as you’ve been seeing all over the house. The eagle crest. When pulled, a secret door opens. You’re now in a kind of lab. Read the torn book on the desk. Go to the rear table and collect the PLANS. Go to the hideaway desk and use the clock key to open it. Pick up the SIGNET RING. This has a crest on it as well. Go downstairs, to the end of the hall with the portrait. To the left is a crest indentation. Use signet ring on it. A door opens. Go in. Go down the ladder and use the matches on the oil lamp. Pick up the FUSE on the ground. Head right twice. Machine room. Use the fuse on the machine. Now you can operate it. Notice the pictures of flying machines on the wall. Go right. Grates. Use your crowbar. It will break. Watch the short sequence. You’re now in a dungeon. Turn the corner, light a match. To be continued…

Covert Front Episode 2Edit

Banishing the darkness: If you sit around for a few seconds, it will tell you what to do: “I have to light a match.” Click the matches, then the middle of the screen. Do this again whenever the match goes out, you’ve got an infinite supply.

Permanent light: From the start, walk forward five screens, until you’re facing a brick wall. There are three stones here that you need to push into the wall.

Once you’ve done that, turn left. Pull the switch. It’s the little ball on the right side of the box, directly beneath the left edge of the lamp.

Lifting the grating: The next thing you need to do is lift the grating that’s keeping you from getting into a new room. There’s a switch you need to pull. Go to the room just before you stare at the brick wall. Turn left twice, follow the path to the end.

Getting power to the new rooms: In the bottom left room of the new area, there’s a fuse box, but you can’t get into it. Looks like you need a screwdriver. Grab the one from the toolbox and use it on all four screws. written by funnyMan, found on;

Once you’re into the box, you’ll notice that there are some things missing in here. One large object on the left, three smaller ones at bottom. The large object is a fuse. You can get it by backing out to the main sewer room and following the left path. It’s sitting on the floor just inside the grate.

The three small objects are resistors. Each one only fits one of the three spots. Resistor one is sitting on top of the box that you used to turn on the lights. Resistor three is also nearby. Back up two screens, turn left, then right. Follow the path one more screen, and the resistor is laying on the ground between a couple of cylinders. Resistor two is missing, you’ll have to improvise. Use the wire from the upper right room of the new complex. It’s the red object sitting on the right hand table, between the mugs.

Once you’ve got all the pieces in place, just pull the switch.

Sending a message: You’ll need a cable to connect with. It’s in the lower right room of the complex, hanging on the bookshelf at right.

Enter the upper left room. You’ll have to alter the machine a bit. Zoom in on the plate in the lower left-corner of the machine just right of center. Unscrew it with your screwdriver and plug in the cable.

Getting into the vault: The vault is in the new complex, straight ahead then right. You need to use the keypad to unlock it. Once you’ve sent the message, notice anything new in the communication room? Hit the button on the machine at lower left, read the code it prints (changes each game).

The keypad is a bit tricky, because it’s not normal. The buttons are: 80596 34217 Submit

Movie reels: There are three. One is at the right hand side of the vault.

Another is in the small machine just left of center in the room opposite the vault. Press the green button to retrieve it.

For the last one, back out to the main sewer room and go forwards twice. It’s sitting on the floor next to the staircase.

Getting out: Watch the movie reels on the large machine at right opposite the vault. Insert them in the top, then click the black area to watch. Reel 3 is the important one. Just before the end, we see someone walk into the vault. Notice anything? Set the dials on that wall like they are in the video. To get to the exit, return to the main sewer area, go straight twice, turn right, enter the elevator, turn right, and press the button. Don’t forget to grab the movie reel from the machine first!

From here it’s easy: Just hand all your objects through the car window, take the card, and look at it. You win!

Don’t forget to stop and read the various papers lying around, they help set the atmosphere and explain some of the miscellaneous unusable objects we’ve seen.

Covert Front Episode 3Edit

1. railway station

- scroll to the man with gazette, collect gazette, open it from inventory, collect wallet and a document.

- enter the station and go left to the tickets window. Buy a ticket, doesn’t matter which one. Go back to the main hall and into thelounge, and then into the locker rooms.

- click on locker 102 and enter code 2340. Collect everything from the locker.

- Go back to the tickets, now window on the left is open. Buy a swiss army knife.

- find restaurant and go into the toilet. Enter the far right toilet booth and look up. Unscrew the window using the knife, and click on open window.

2. safe house

- enter the hotel, talk to the manager, buy key 14.

- go upstairs, unlock room 14 and enter. Find bible on the bed, collect adocument from the bible. zoom on the telephone, take off the ear-piece (drag it to table on right side), and enter the number you got from the bible.

- open the closet and go into the secret room. Collect lever from the carton box on the ground and key from the far right drawer of the desk. turn around and use them both on the device next to the exit. Then turn the key and lever. Both lights should go white.

- now turn left and approach the machine. Zoom on the codename input and enter m-24-7-69 – now the machine should display “Kara”; zoom out and click the main button on that machine. A print comes out. collect it.

- Get out of the hotel into the street, and click on the exit that says “old town”;

3. the library

- zoom on door on the left wall. Use newspaper to break the window. Click on window to unlock the door. click on handle to enter the library.

- go right once and enter the door that’s in front of you. There should be a rail. Open it by clicking the lock on the gate. Now open the drawer, take the large key. zoom out and click on the machine on the desk. enter 32158 and collect the print out. Exit that room.

- go right and into the big main hall with a star on the floor. Enter the middle door (catalogue).

- open the gate with the large key. Enter the room.Click on the “n” closet and “e” drawer. Collect the book card. Go back to the main hall.

- enter the left door (books). Open the gate and zoom on the machine input slot. Use the book card and press button. Collect the book.

- look at the book in the inventory, collect photograph from it. Look at the photograph. go back to the main hall.

- enterdoor on the right (newspapers). zoom on the machine and click on the button that says “Zurichsee Zeitung”. Click on the set of newspapers and on one active newspaper. Zoom out. Look at the newspaper on the table, click on von Toten’s picture and again on his suitcase. go back to the main hall and click on the star on the floor.

4. trapped

- click on Manfred and talk to him. After he leaves, zoom in on the bed grating and collect four metal rods (first one is to be taken by hand, other using the first rod).

- turn around and face the wall with cracks on it (you should have the gate on your right side and window on the left). Find four spots to place the rods in, and click the corner beneath the ceiling.

5. the airfield.

- click on the building twice, so you’re facing its front wall. click the rainspout near the open window. Inside turn on both levers. Exit the building.

- go near the plane. Zoom on the wheels and take out the blocking logs. zoom out.

- click on the pilot’s cabin, beneath the wings and turn the horizontal lever. get out.

- zoom in ot the propeller and turn it.

- get back to the pilot’s cabin and turn the main steering lever.

Covert Front Episode 4Edit

Right after titles we see Kara piloting plane. There's a red lamp blinking on the right panel. In order to fix plane pull the horizontal lever twice and take all the spare parts (two resistors, lamp and fuse). Install all parts in corresponding sockets and fix the wire with blue resistor then go up and pull the horizontal lever again.

1. The airfield.

After (crash) landing click on plane, then on landing gear and take wires. Also check storage behind engine: there you'll find dirty cloth and spouter handle. Now go to truck nearby. Open engine section by pulling down all levers. Connect wires to engine. Open oil lid with handle and put a cloth here. Now only one spark - and the way is clear! At the rightmost corner near the box you will find a paper with password. Input that pass into machine near the outpost's door. Don't worry, in this panel buttons are 12345 67890. Pull the lever and go through. Then go upstairs and right ahead. Take officer hat, envelope and photo on the floor and automobile keys in the first drawer. Go back to stairs, then right and take army coat. Now you're disguised as German officer. Get a destination address from the envelope in the inventory. Go to the car near the post and apply the keys.

2. Lisbon.

You're on the streets and now you need to find house Campo de Santa Clara 32. Click down-left, then click right, in the middle and left. Click on the ring. After cutscene you find yourself in empty room without anything but strange machine. It has appearance of stand with two levers, simple display, lamp and typewriter keypad with missing letter 't'. The first thought is to create exit. Type 'door' and pull right lever. Also type 'key'. Then go right, take the key, turn right again and open the door with key. You see the room is hovering in emptiness. Also you may see there something on the doorstep. At a closer look it appears to be a 't' lever. Fix the typewriter and summon 'karl von toten'. After a small dialog go outside. In warehouse previously blocked with tank take a crowbar. (You will use it very often) Now go upstairs and left, look inside pipe and pull a key with the bar. Now use it on 4th box in 3rd row amongst right ones. Take door handle and open the door in the attic; go to the roof and look for strange house. Go outside to the main street you started from and then go through arcs.

3. Karl von Toten.

You face German soldiers now. To find von Toten go between two buildings. Take a cachet from the bucket. Now click at the right side of screen. Go up to crates; pull the grates out with your crowbar then go down and put cachet in the socket. Go through the door created with lamp. Now you're only two steps away from von Toten. Deactivate force field by breaking wires with crowbar. Now talk to Professor. Now watch the ending cutscene.