Zurich at night.

Zurich or Zürich is the largest city of Switzerland, and the main location Covert Front Episode 3.


Zurich sightseeing

Zurich, in Switzerland


A scientific conference was held in the Zurich Hauptbibliothek by Isaac Newton. The purpose of the conference was kept a secret. It is known that professor Karl von Toten attended to this meeting as a leading physicist.


Kara got a note after finishing Princess of Burgundy telling her to travel to Zurich. Kara took the train and got to the railway station at nightfall.

When she got of her train, she took a newspaper from her Zurich contact, which contained 50 Franks and a document.

After buying a ticket from the ticket booth, she got to the lounge and took her new data from the locker 102. She was going to use the door, but realized she was being followed, so she escaped from the bathroom window, and headed to Hotel Altstadt.

Agent Kara visited the hotel and asked for the room 13, but was told by the receptionist that such a room does not exist in the hotel or any other hotel in Zurich for that matter. The receptionist recommended rooms 12 and 14, which were both available and Kara booked the room 14.

She found a peculiar set of numbers between the bible and decided to dial them into the telephone. This opened a secret door to the room 13. In there Kara received instructions to search Zurich Hauptbibliothek.

She discovered a connection to Karl von Toten in the library, her investigation was stopped by Kaiser's Intelligence Services, who attacked her and prisoned her.

Locations in ZurichEdit




Map of the Zurich Oldtown.

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